The Furever Home Friends

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A collection of kids' books based on real dogs who have gone through the shelter system. 10% of all profits benefit animal shelters.

Just Me, Wrigley, the third book in the series, will release August 11, and is now available for pre-order. Stuffed animals are currently available for pre-order as well.

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Sculpt Yourself

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon & Represent Publishing's website!

Lipamorph is the drug that lets you sculpt yourself. It’s how all the female celebrities in the mid-2010s managed to have such large butts while keeping the rest of their bodies thin. Now, Lipamorph has finally been legalized and released to the masses. Twenty-four-year-old Amber Stiles, tech support worker by day and radical feminist blogger by night, thinks it’s disgusting--another company trying to sell women an idealized body as determined by men. Especially now that her younger sister, Judie, has become hopelessly addicted to it. As more and more women indulge in the drug, both taking control of their own bodies, and raising the standard for “beautiful,” Amber’s dissenting voice seems to matter less and less. Especially since her new girlfriend, Kelly, is a whole new standard of beauty all on her own.

The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King (now available!)

A contemporary young-adult comedy about passion, pride, pumpkins, pageantry, and the plight of growing up in a small town. 

Once a year, the boring small town of Grey Acres perks up for its annual town fair. For champion Mathlete and headstrong feminist Stephanie Simon, this year's fair means another year of pressure from her mother (an 80s beauty queen turned pumpkin farmer) to enter the fair's beauty pageant. For college-bound convenience store clerk Jackie Almond, the fair just means the same old rush of customers buying slightly more interesting newspapers. That is, until a fateful meeting with a quirky guidance counselor informs Jackie that most colleges won't accept him without something to make him stand out. 

Just as Jackie hatches a plan to become the first-ever male Fair Queen, Steph devises a scheme to destroy the pageant that's offended her for years. What follows is an all-out war between Steph and Jackie, complete with pumpkin theft, sabotaged first dates, department store shoplifting, and paint-filled water balloon fights, all leading up to one Saturday-night beauty pageant the forgettable town of Grey Acres will always remember.

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Also available at the following Chicago bookstores: Book Cellar (Lincoln Square), Chicago Comics (Lakeview), & Quimby's (Wicker Park).


  1. Hi Savy. It's the SHS debate team. We have a few interesting ideas for this website. First off you should vlog about us. Second off you should write a book about managing Jack and Teddy. That's all for now...


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