Sculpt Yourself Video 4: Body Dysmorphia, OCD, and Eating Disorders

We're getting closer and closer to the release of Sculpt Yourself, and my videos are getting more and more personal and real.

This past Friday, I posted a video where I open up about my lifelong struggles with mental illness, including OCD and body dysmorphia, and how that caused me to struggle with my body image for most of my life.

One of my main goals with Sculpt Yourself is to bring light to the different ways we view women's bodies, and how all body types are great in their own way.

I hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to leave a comment if it resonates with you in some way.

Be on the lookout for a post about Sculpt Yourself's cover reveal, coming this Friday, and updates about our upcoming book trailer!

Happy Wednesday!



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