Body Image in the LGBT+ Community: Chris's Perspective

"As a gay man I don't think I thought of body image or beauty until I was in my 20's because growing up I was in the closet and I didn't want to see beauty in myself or other men.

Now, after having accepted myself, and finding a man who sees beauty in me, I can see it most clearly in a man's smile and his face first. I was always attracted to faces but never realized it was because I found it to be a part of body image that maybe I was trying to hide growing up. Never looking or smiling too long at other guys."

- Christopher Smith

Chris is a fellow author; his first book, Is Choosing a Goat Like Choosing a Dog? is coming out this winter. This is a wonderful poetry collection, and I encourage everyone to check it out! You can find Chris online on his website here.

Thank you so much to Chris for sharing his perspective and for participating in the countdown to Sculpt Yourself! We've got TWO DAYS until the big release! If you want to preorder an ebook copy, you can do that here!

Happy Wednesday!



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