Furever Home Friends COLORING CONTEST!

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We are getting very excited for our third Furever Home Friends book, Just Me, Wrigley, which is releasing on August 11! The month of June is going to be dedicated to completing all of the illustrations and art for Wrigley's book!

Since the summer's almost here, we thought we'd celebrate with a fun contest! 

Introducing... The Furever Home Friends Coloring Page Contest!

In Wrigley's story, she struggles to figure out who she is, because she looks like so many different kinds of dogs at once! In real life, Wrigley is many different colors-- most of her fur is black, but she also has brown and red fur mixed in, and some bright white highlights on her face. Wrigley is a beautiful, unique rainbow of colors.

So she is great for lots of coloring fun!

Contest Rules:

The coloring contest will run for one week-- we will announce the winner next Monday, June 4. Please have your entry turned in by the end of the day on Sunday, June 3 (we'll accept any entries turned in before 11:59 pm that night).

How to enter:

Print this picture of Wrigley. This is just an outline, which was used to develop our original Wrigley art. 

Wrigley Coloring Page!

Then, color Wrigley in! You can use whatever colors you want! 

To turn in your entry, either take a photo of your completed design on your phone, or scan it into the computer (either way is fine; if you want to color Wrigley in digitally on the computer, that's fine too!), and post it on any of our social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! If you post it on Facebook, please post it to our page, facebook.com/fureverhomefriends. If you post it to Twitter, please tag #fureverhomefriends with your post. If you post it to Instagram, please tag us in the photo as @fureverhomefriends.

This contest is open to ALL AGES! Kids and adults alike love to color, and we want everyone to celebrate our colorful new friend furever!

The Prize:

The top 3 winners will receive a FREE COPY of our new book, Just Me, Wrigley, when it releases on August 11!

Winners will be notified on Monday, June 4, so that we can get your address to ship you the book this summer!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at fureverhomefriends@gmail.com!

Happy Memoiral Day!

Savy & Wrigley


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