Trying to Learn Make-Up at Age 25

So, as many people know, I have never worn make-up. Well, other people put it on me for school plays and stuff, but it was never a regular occurrence in my life. Even at big formal events like my movie premieres, my book signings, prom, my wedding, and literally everything else, I never wore any make-up. 

This was for a few reasons. In this post, I detailed these reasons, which mostly just come down to "I don't like how it looks on me, and I prefer my face without it." The other reason was that I don't support animal testing, but as I mentioned in this post, I've been researching lots of awesome vegan and cruelty-free products. 

However, I recently decided that I wanted to get more into cosplay. I wanted to dress up and fully embody more characters at events like C2E2. I'm also working on developing a web series with my friend Aimee, and I want to act in that. For the sake of costuming and playing characters, I thought it would be beneficial to learn how to do make-up. My goal was to learn how to do it in time for C2E2 this year, to wear with my Isabelle costume. And I did!

The above photo shows my make-up transformation. After researching cruelty-free cosmetic companies, I ordered some make-up from BH Cosmetics in February, and started practicing. I thought learning make-up would be a lot easier than it was. I have to give so much credit to all the make-up artists out there--this really is its own skill! I thought my years drawing and painting would make me a natural at this, but if you see the pictures in the top row, you can see that CLEARLY wasn't the case!

It took me many tries over a couple of weeks before I could find a style that looked halfway decent. After a while I found that the eyeliner from BH Cosmetics was way too thick for me, and it was making my eyes look way too dramatic for what I was going for. One of my friends suggested I try Elf brand, since they don't test on animals either. So I bought a thin eyeliner pen from them at Target, and that made a huge difference!

The photo on the bottom right was from C2E2 this past weekend. I felt like I was able to create a pretty good style for Isabelle. I wanted to use make-up to make my eyes bigger, since she is a cartoon character. I tried fake eyelashes for this, but almost glued my eye shut one too many times and gave up on that, instead choosing to create the effect with light under-eye concealer and some mascara. I can't believe I know what these words mean.

Anyway, that's my story of how I learned to do make-up at age 25. I'm not sure when most women learned it. Apparently in middle or high school? I'm not sure. I had a lot of female friends and I went to sleepovers and all that--how did I just miss this? I'm not sure. I have a few other friends who never started wearing make-up either, so I'm not alone. Either way, it's a cool skill to have when I'm doing a costume. Overall, I still prefer my face without make-up, and seeing it with make-up freaks me out a little. But if I'm playing a character, I'm happy to look different! So I don't think I'll use make-up outside of costumes, except maybe wearing bright purple lipstick here and there, because I love the color! 

What are your thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!



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