C2E2 Recap!

This past weekend was C2E2!

(That's the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. Basically, it's Comic Con in Chicago!)

It's a weekend Tyler and I look forward to all year. For the past 2 years, we've gotten the 3-day passes. It was really fun to go all 3 days this year and really experience everything. Going all 3 days gave me enough  time to go to the panels I wanted to see, plus feel like I had enough time to wander the convention and take it all in.

On Saturday, I cosplayed as Isabelle from Animal Crossing. She's one of my favorite characters to dress up as, because I'm cute and I have big blond hair that can be tied up into dog ears. Next year, I'm considering dying my hair black and going as Counselor Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation. As long as Tyler commits to being Commander Riker with me! (He has the perfect beard for it.)

Friday and Sunday I didn't dress up. On Friday, I got off of work at 2pm, and I spent the rest of the afternoon at C2E2, wandering through the booths and enjoying the art at Artist Alley. Last year, I wrote a post about how much Artist Alley inspired me last year, and how it made me commit to spending the year improving my art. I'm so happy to say I've kept that commitment! I've spent a ton of time on my art in the past year, and I'm now at the point where people are commissioning me to do portraits of their dogs, and I'm going to be illustrating the third Furever Home Friends book myself!

I went to two panels this year! One was about writing graphic biographies and memoirs. Right now, I'm in a memoir class at DePaul, and I want to try writing a memoir where I combine art and text. I'd like to create full work that's half essays, half comics. One of the motifs in the memoir is how I'm made up of halves, so I think a mixed-media approach will work well! We'll see where that goes. Either way, the panel was really informative. It was amazing to see Raina Telgemeier there, too, because so many of the students I teach at Open Books are obsessed with her.

The second panel I went to was about being a "Nerd Boss." I thought the title of the panel was a little cheesy, but the information was wonderful! It featured four people who had started fandom-based businesses, creating things like cosplay makeup and clothes patterned after Star Wars and stuff. It was awesome to get some great business advice and connect with these awesome people! I told myself I wasn't going to network at all this weekend, but we know how that goes...

I also got two books about how to self-publish comics! I'm super excited to read them both cover-to-cover (once I finish all this reading I have to do this week for grad school...) because as everyone knows, I'm in love with the independent publishing industry!

Anyway, that was my weekend at C2E2! If you were there too, I'd love to hear your stories!

Happy Monday!



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