Pajama Pants to Plaid Blazers: How I Found My Own Style

Finding my own style has been a strange journey. I've gone through a lot of strange style phrases in my life, but none that most people would call objectively "good."

In middle school, I wore extra-large T-shirts my grandma got at garage sales, and paired them with macaroni necklaces I found in my garage. Then I'd put on some pink tights and knee-high argyle socks with my Converses that I colored myself with rainbow Sharpie. But no one looks good in middle school, so we can ignore that.

In high school, I alternated between two modes.


And this:

Basically, I was a 2quirky4u girl who wore exclusively pajama pants to school, but knew how to clean up way too well for debate tournaments. I also wore sock-monkey-style beanies to school almost every day.

In college, I kept the funny hats. I also went through a stage when I cut off all my hair, which was a major mistake looking back. 

My freshman year, I went to my first marching band banquet. I was told I was supposed to wear a dress to it. That's when I realized I did not have a dress. So I borrowed one from another girl in the saxophone section. And I wore Sketchers snow boots with it. Check it out. I'm third from the right.

Sophomore year at the same banquet, I wore a bow tie and showed off my unflattering haircut.

And of course, throughout college, I kept up wearing the funny hats every day.

Basically, I struggled on and off with style. I either tried way too hard to be a parody of a manic pixie dream girl, or I put in so little effort that even putting on jeans was reserved for job interviews. And I wasn't even one of those people who put on yoga pants instead of jeans. At least then I could show off my butt. No, I'd put on baggy plaid pajama pants and a sweatshirt that I'd slept in for three days. I'd shower maybe once a week and wash my clothes roughly never. And it wasn't linked to depression or anything; I've always been really energetic, really motivated, and really passionate about my work. I just genuinely didn't care at all about my appearance. See this video of "Fashion Tips for Writers" that I (somewhat satirically) made about half a year ago.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I started showering more. And then I thought, "Hey, what if I dressed better too?"

When Cice and I went to make our channel video for YUP Productions, we talked about looking really stylish, yet professional at the same time. In my blog post about YUP, I talked about our mission to mix business with creativity, and also starting up a women-owned video production company (which is rare). We wanted to be positive representations of ourselves. Now, Cice has no trouble dressing well. She works for a fashion company. I was a different story, on the other hand.

So, when trying to develop my own style, I thought about how I could create that quirky, artsy look that I always loved to have, while adding a professional flair. I decided on a style that I'm labeling "80s boss babe." I Googled it, and I don't think this is already a term that exists for a style. For me, that means I'm excited to wear lots of plaid blazers with graphic tees under them. Wearing big chunky watches and fake-leather platform shoes, with skinny jeans and T-shirts. I'm looking forward to seeing how this style goes. So far, I'm really enjoying getting dressed now that I can treat it like it's an art form.

And, I know this is kind of weird to say (and I guess it feels weird to admit this), but I've always struggled dressing in a super feminine style. I'm not sure why that is. It could be some kind of deep-seeded body image issue...or maybe it's just as simple as me not really enjoying how dresses and floral prints and things like that look. I don't know. My point is, I really struggled to find a look that I felt comfortable with, beyond just pajamas, which are always comfortable.

I'll let you guys know how my continued style journey goes!

Maybe I'll even draw a picture of myself with my new style to match the top picture on this post, which is a cartoon version of me in my oversized-sweatshirt-and-pajama-pants look.

Happy Wednesday!



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