YUP Productions: Yuppies, Artists, and Women in Film

Because we're not busy enough already working full-time and going to school and working some more, Cice and I thought to ourselves, "Hey. Why don't we take this thing we like doing, you know, making videos, and just start our own production company?"

So for the past six months, that's what we've been working on.

We started by doing a couple of short films for various 48-hour film competitions. Now, we're excited to expand our productions to include corporate videos, web show content, music videos, book trailers, more short films, and feature films. Basically, we're going to make both narrative and commercial content--combining business with artistry.

I'm a huge believer in combining the corporate with the creative. That's a big part of our mission. YUP stands for Young Urban Professionals--essentially, yuppies. And, to be completely accurate, that's what Cice and I are. We're two girls in our mid-twenties who live in Chicago. We work in the Loop, and we juggle demanding careers. That doesn't mean that we've given up on creative pursuits, though--in fact, it's exactly the opposite. You can be a millennial in a professional field, and you can use THAT to springboard your creativity. You can start your own business. You can bring an aspect of storytelling and visual magic to something normally mundane. That's exactly what we're doing.

You can take a look at our website here for more info. We have a bunch of videos coming out soon. Be on the lookout for our short video explaining our mission as a business. And be on the lookout for our first book trailers project--making ads for The Furever Home Friends books!

It feels amazing to be making movies all the time again!

Happy Wednesday!



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