The Joy of Bullet Journaling!

I've always been a fan of journal writing. If you went back to 2007, you'd find a giant argyle-patterned spiral notebook where I wrote about everything going on in my life, from my middle-school drama, to my debate team victories, to my plans to ask Tyler to the school dance, to my marching band drama, to my detailed descriptions of all the times I made out with Tyler on the basement couch. Well, now I'm an adult, and I own my very own couch where I can make out with Tyler, free of interruption (except by Chewie), so I've moved on to journaling about more significant matters.

I watched a few YouTube videos about bullet journaling. After looking at some examples online, I thought I'd give it a try. I always loved incorporating doodles and fun block letters into my journals in the past, and I hated the rigid structure that came with planners. 

So, I've decided that my bullet journal will house everything important in my life in 2018--from plans for videos I want to make with YUP, to revisions I need to make on the two novels I'm preparing for publication, to lists of events where I want to present the Furever Home Friends books. 

Oh, and since I'm trying this weird new "self-care" thing now, I've also included a chart where I get a sticker every time I remember to take a shower, and every time Tyler and I do the dishes & laundry once a week. 

AND I can use it as a place to keep track of my blog post ideas!

What are your thoughts on journaling?



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