Cruelty-Free Products I'm Trying Right Now

As I continue to embrace my identity as a Dog Mom and crazy dog lady, I've been working more and more on removing any products from my life that are rooted in animal cruelty. To be clear, I'm not 100% vegan or anything--I still eat cheese and all that. But it's been a slow process, from giving up meat at the beginning of 2017, to no longer purchasing anything made with leather, to giving up fish and seafood a few months ago. 

Now, I'm trying to stop buying any products that were tested on animals. When it comes to things like soap or shampoo or hair gel, there are so many cruelty-free options to try! One reason I don't wear make-up is that I'm against the animal testing that often goes along with it. So, I didn't have anything to worry about swapping out in that arena. But as a big-haired individual, I have to use TONS of conditioner to keep my hair from inadvertently turning into dreadlocks (which almost happened when I was 18), and I have to use gel to keep it from being a giant puff ball. 

Since I've been showering more this year, I decided that I could start taking the initiative to find some cruelty-free hygiene products. If I could find some new products that I felt good about using, it might help motivate me to keep up the showering. In the past, I always just bought whatever was cheapest. But, lately I've been making a little more money, and I decided that I could spend a small amount more to ensure that the things I bought weren't harming animals. In a capitalist society, we vote with our dollars--and if I could do my small part to keep cruelty-free companies in business, while not supporting companies that continue to harm animals, I figured I should do it.

So, here are the products I'm currently using. I used the website Cruelty Free Kitty for suggestions, and I took recommendations from my friends on Facebook. Here's what's working for me!

*Note: None of these companies paid me to write this post or sponsored it in any way. Trust me, I wish they had.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

For washing my hair, I've found that Shea Moisture products work really well. They make the whole bathroom smell like coconut, which can be overwhelming. But on the bright side, they also make my hair smell like coconut. And that's better than how my hair smelled before I started showering regularly. Before, my hair smelled like Chewie's butt.

Since my hair is super thick and curly, which often results in it getting dry, frizzy, and tangled, I also use Shea Moisture's Curl & Shine Conditioner.

Hair Gel:

Right now, the best results I've gotten with hair gel is to use two different gels at once. When I get out of the shower, I start by using Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk. Then, I add gel on top of it. I have no evidence that using two gels at once works, but I do it anyway.

The gel I'm using right now is DevaCurl's ArcAngel. When I was 16 and first started caring that my hair looked good (which means I finally got rid of my gross 2000's emo bangs), I started putting DevaCurl gel into my hair, which worked great! However, I soon learned that it was too expensive to keep buying it at Ulta. This was almost ten years ago, when I didn't have an Amazon account yet. So, the other day, I bought a huge bottle of it on Amazon, which was much more cost-efficient. And it works amazingly. I decided to try this product again after reading that they never test on animals!

I'd highly recommend this product, as long as you can find a good price to buy it in bulk online.


A lot of soaps I've found in the cruelty-free category have been scented. I don't use any scented products because I have terrible eczema, and my skin tends to break out. As much of a sick thrill as I get from watching my skin scab up and ooze fun colors, I also know that as an adult, I should be treating my skin nicely. So I decided to find a non-scented, bare-minimum type of soap.

I found Kiss My Face, which is completely vegan & non-animal-tested. They have this awesome non-scented soap, which has not made me break out at all. Also, so many of these "organic" soaps are way too expensive, but for this one, I got a pack of 3 decent-sized bars for around $5 on Amazon. It's much better than some brands, which expect you to pay like $8 for one bar of soap. Who has that kind of money?!


The deodorant I'm trying right now is Lavanila. It's good on my skin, and it smells nice--like grapefruit! However, I'm not 100% sold on this product yet. For one thing, it's a bit expensive. I struggled to find deodorants that were definitively cruelty-free, and this was one of the few ones I could verify, so I bought it. But it was like $12 for one stick of deodorant--definitely NOT sustainable! Also it leaves marks on my clothes.

So, while I do think it's a good product, I'm definitely interested in new suggestions for different deodorants to try. Does anyone have recommendations?

Overall, since I've started taking better care of my body, I've felt pretty good! At first, I was worried I was gonna feel like I was wasting tons of time. Every minute I spend in the shower is a minute I COULD be spending working on edits to my novel, doing additional Furever Home Friends marketing, getting ahead on my homework, reading more business self-help books, or writing more blog posts! But I do have to admit, it's felt pretty nice to be clean! And I've been feeling really confident in my appearance!

Plus, I've been earning stickers for my self-care chart!! :)

This was my hair AFTER I slept on it. I showered yesterday afternoon.

Happy Monday! Have a squeaky-clean week!



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