Creativity + Entrepreneurship

Above is my vision board for YUP Productions. As I mentioned in this post, I love making Pinterest boards for new characters I'm developing. It's a perfect way to develop a visual language for something that's still vague and abstract in my mind. I don't really use Pinterest for social networking, but more as a bulletin board replacement, so that my house isn't full of physical bulletin boards. My office is already way too cluttered for that.

You may notice that this vision board mixes a few different styles together--namely, the artsy and the professional. One of our visions at YUP is to combine the creative with the commercial--to bring an artistic and story-based vision to commercial content. (In addition to the narrative content we make.)

When I was in college, one of my screenwriting professors talked about art vs. business, and how so many people struggle to balance them. When I spent the summer between sophomore and junior years of high school at a summer arts camp (well, it was really more like a writing residency program for teenagers...and it cost of the best experiences of my life), people there discussed the struggle to write something beautiful vs. something that sells well.

But I never understood this dissonance--to me, art and business have ALWAYS had a co-dependent relationship. My goal as an artist has always been to make money, and my goal as an entrepreneur has always been to tell stories. It seems backwards, but for me, it has always worked.

So in this post, I want to encourage all the artists and the business owners out there to find that balance between the creative and the corporate. Just because you want to make money doesn't mean you've sold your soul to the man. It just means that you want to make your passion into a career, and that's the most noble goal I can think of.

The most successful businesses stand out because they're creative, and the most successful artists become known because they market themselves well. Never be afraid to find that balance.

How do you balance art and business in your own life?



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