I'm sharing photos & anecdotes from my wedding this past Friday!

Perhaps the best story of the night happened during our ceremony. Tyler & I didn't want a big or fancy ceremony, since neither of us is particularly religious, and the reception was what we cared about most. (What's the point of weddings, if not for eating lots of food and dancing with your friends & family? Our relationship doesn't change at all, except for the government now being involved.)

Anyway, Chewie was in the crowd at our ceremony, watching his human parents get married. We decided against having Chewie be the ring bearer because we didn't have anyone playing specific roles, like ring bearer or flower girl. There wasn't a processional or anything; the two of us just went up and my friend Aimee officiated the ceremony (she got certified on one of those websites).

You know those stories you hear of kids who don't understand weddings, so they run up to their parents during the ceremony while they're getting married? And it's super cute? That was Chewie! Poor lil guy started HOWLING in the crowd because he couldn't stand seeing his humans standing ten feet away from him but not being WITH him.

So, of course, we let Chewie come up to the front with us, and stand there while we read our vows and got married! It was better that way--Chewie got to be with his people, and we got to have the most important person (dog) in our lives there during the big moment! It was too cute!

After that, we headed inside for toasts, food, and dancing! My mom organized to have four food stations featuring different favorites from Chicago: deep-dish pizza, Italian food, Mexican food, and a pierogi bar! The pierogi bar was the BEST, except for a few instances when people (such as Tyler) thought the applesauce was mashed potatoes and put green onion in it. 

The dancing was great, too! My dad and I performed a dance we choreographed ourselves to a combination of "Uptown Girl" and "Uptown Funk." We thought it was fitting, because I live in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago--plus, my dad and I love Billy Joel (we saw him a year ago when he came to Wrigley Field!), and "Uptown Funk" is probably the best song of the decade to start off a big dance party. I plan to post a video of our dance to YouTube soon!

I'm sure I'll have many more wedding memories to share once they come to mind, but I want to say that it was a fantastic night, and we had an amazing time! The next day, we went on one of those Chicago architecture boat tours, and then had all our friends over to our apartment for a party. We figured, when else in your life are ALL your friends and relatives going to be in town with you? Why only see them once?!

Then we spent the rest of the week playing Splatoon, watching Star Trek, watching movies, and going to lots of different restaurants throughout the city! Today, we took Chewie on a long walk down to Lake Michigan, and let him play on the rocks and in the water. He liked the rocks much better than the water.

Now, it's time to get back to work! Taking all this time off has gotten me waaaayyyy behind. I have seven jobs, and homework, to do!

Glad to be back "on the grid"!



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