What I'm Reading: September & October!

Hi, friends!

So, I'm 25 now. That feels weird. I hate getting older!! But I had a fun weekend celebrating with Chewie, Tyler, cookie cake, Lou Malnati's pizza, and the new season of Bojack Horseman. Young Urban Productions also premiered our new movie, Mite, at the Chicago 48-Hour Film Festival last night! Today, I'm starting classes at DePaul for my Master's program in Writing & Publishing, and on Wednesday, I start teaching again! September is ramping up quickly!

I thought I'd update everyone on the next few book reviews to come!

The next book I'll be reviewing is Lucan by mda! I'm part-way through this book right now, and loving it so far! You can expect a review on my blog within the next week or two, and a video review a little after that!

Following that will be Aaru by David Meredith! I haven't started reading this yet, but the premise sounds super interesting, so I'm really excited! You can expect a blog review for that by the end of September, and a video review to follow.

The two books I'm planning to read & review in October will be Nobody's Child by Libby Fischer Hellmann, and Dog Eared by W. Nikola-Lisa!

These are the four books I'm focused on reading right now, and I'm really looking forward to posting the reviews!

Hope everyone's having a great September so far!



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