Tips for Extroverted Writers

There's a stereotype out there that writers are introverts. For a lot of writers, this is true. But for writers like me, who NEED to constantly be around other people, the solitude that comes with working on a solo project can be exhausting. So I decided to write up some tips that have helped me stay sane as a writer and an extrovert!

#1: Trade books with friends--online and in person!

Since joining Twitter, I've made so many new writer friends! What's fun about writer friends is, we trade books! In our case, we'll send each other books to review, since most of us are independent authors looking to get additional reviews on each other's blogs. 

As a writer, you likely read a lot as well...or at least, you need to, in order to improve your writing! So instead of leaving reading as a totally solitary activity, let it be a fun way to make new friends!

#2: Write in public!

Writing at my computer at home makes me lonely and tired after too I'll go write somewhere else! Generally, anywhere in public where I can eat at the same time is best. I'm a big fan of coffee shops, pancake/waffle houses, McDonald's...basically anywhere that has lots of coffee and breakfast food! 

Since I don't have a laptop, I'll often go to these places and just handwrite in a notebook. I find that super helpful, because then, when I get home to my computer, I can give it a re-write as I'm typing it up.

#3: Join writing organizations!

Over the past two years, one of the places I've made the most new friends has been at SCBWI meetings! The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) has been amazing for helping me connect with other writers with similar goals to mine! I only go to free events in Chicago, but I have met so many new people there, and have started organizing and putting on events as well!

#4: Join critique groups!

In a previous post, I mentioned the importance of critique groups for helping you improve your writing. However, they also have another important purpose--they help you connect with other writers! I have made so many amazing friends in my critique groups. Plus, even outside of the social benefits, it was time well spent--my writing has improved so much after getting all that feedback!

#5: Seek out presentation opportunities!

I love giving presentations to other groups of writers, or speaking on author panels! If you join a writing organization, you can work with someone there to find these opportunities. The joy of sharing your love of writing to a room full of people will give you the motivation to keep writing, even when it gets lonely!

#6: Teach writing to others!

This one's been especially helpful to me, and not just because it means getting to interact with other people. Often, writers work on a freelance basis, or make money from royalties. Teaching writing helps add a steadier income into the mix. Also, working with kids is so fun, and it's a great way to help young people find the joy in writing!

Overall, these things have helped me stay focused on writing without getting to exhausted from a lack of constant interaction. However, I know these tips won't cover everything! 

Does anyone else have additional tips for extroverted writers? If so, please put them in the comments! I know they'll be helpful to me!

Happy Tuesday!



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