3 (Free!) Things to Give Me for My Birthday

If you've been reading any of my posts this week, you know that it's my birthday!!! I'm very unashamed of the fact that I love attention, so when it's my birthday, I am NOT quiet! (Not that I'm ever really quiet...)

Anyway, today I'm 25! A quarter of a century old! Halfway to 50! In most states, I could probably rent a car--that is, if I didn't let my license expire due to my fear of the DMV--or if I ever bothered driving in a city with as much amazing transit as Chicago.

Some of you may be thinking, "Oh no! I forgot to get Savy a birthday present!" Fear not! Here are 3 things you could get me for my birthday RIGHT NOW that would mean THE WORLD TO ME! And, best of all...they won't cost you anything!

#1: Leave Me a Review!

If you're also a writer, you probably know how much authors rely on reviews to help new customers find their books. On Amazon, the algorithm works so that you have to get a certain number of reviews before the site will start recommending your book to customers who purchased similar items.

Since my Furever Home Friends books are new, they each have only a couple of reviews! Right now, I'd like to get each of them up to 25 reviews! BECAUSE I'M 25 NOW! (And trust me, if everyone who's bought or read one so far gave me a review, I'd have well over 25 reviews!)

Reviews don't have to be long or complicated. You can even just write, "Good book," or, "I liked it." Or, if you enjoy writing reviews, you can write something long and beautiful. It's up to you! But it would mean everything to me if you guys took a minute to write me a review!

Here we are on Amazon & Goodreads!

#2: Share The Furever Home Friends on Your Social Media!

I love it when people help me spread the word about these books! It helps dog-lovers & potential customers become aware of this series, and that buying these books can benefit animal shelters.

To help, you can share an Amazon link to Princess Allee or Smile, Chewie! on your Facebook or Twitter page. Or you can share a Tweet or status with #FureverHomeFriends. OR, for a THIRD option, you can like my Furever Home Friends Facebook page, like my author Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter!

#3: Subscribe to My Blog & YouTube Channel!

The more subscribers this blog has, the more awesome people I can share content with! Once I hit 50 subscribers (and I'm not that far away!), I'm going to develop a free e-book with writing tips to send to my amazing subscribers!

Also, Young Urban Productions (The Yuppies!), the YouTube channel Cice and I run, is just getting off the ground. We'd really like to get a bigger audience for our work! A lot of the videos on there would be things you guys would probably enjoy, since you're reading this blog--I do a lot of book reviews and writing tips videos! Plus, I've been making cute little vlogs about Chewie. Who can get enough of Chewie's cute face?!

Anyway, subscribing to either my blog or YouTube channel (but preferably both!) would be an AMAZING gift!

If you're struggling to subscribe using the box on my About or Contact page, just email me at savyleiser@gmail.com and I'll add you to my email list!

Also, if you were up for spending a small amount of money, here are two more things you could get me for my birthday!

#4: Buy a Furever Home Friends Book!

This is the big one! These books have been selling really well since they released last month! I'm so excited to have written a series that people are enjoying! Of course, I'm always trying to sell more books--the more books we sell, the more money we can donate back to animal shelters! PLUS, the more books we sell, the more I can invest back into the business--which means it'll be sooner that we get more characters in the series, and fun new things!

So, if you're up for buying a Furever Home Friends book, find Princess Allee here on Amazon, and Smile, Chewie! here! Paperbacks are just $9.99 online!

#5: Come to the Premiere of My New Movie, Mite!

As I've mentioned in a few other posts, my friends and I at Young Urban Productions completed Chicago's 48-Hour Film Project! Our movie, Mite, will be premiering on Sunday, September 10, at 6:30 pm. If you're in Chicago, please consider coming to the premiere! The movie will be showing at the Music Box Theatre, and you can buy tickets here!

Also, check out our trailer on YouTube! Mite is a feminist martial arts film about a young exterminator who learns to stand up to the biggest pest yet--workplace sexual harassment! Tickets to the premiere are $14, and you'll get to see a bunch of other cool short films as well!

Any of these things would be the greatest birthday gift ever! I love all of you guys, and I'm so excited to see what being 25 has to offer!

Happy Friday to you all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!



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