25 Quick Writing Tips!

Tomorrow I'll be 25! Depending on who's reading this, I'm either still a baby, or I'm practically your grandma. I don't know!

Either way, I thought I'd share 25 quick writing tips with you guys! I guess it could be kind of fun to do one for each year I've been alive. Like, here's the tip I learned in 1992. Here's the tip I learned in 1993. But those early ones would be like, "Don't eat the pencil," or "Here's how to write an A," so I think I'll just have 25 writing tips from right now.

Here we go!

1.  Take long walks with no destination in mind. During these walks, let your mind wander.

2. Make Pinterest boards for new characters you're trying to develop.

3. Give yourself time to freewrite in the morning. Try 3-5 minute writing sprints.

4. Play with toys. This will both give your brain tactile stimulation, and help you remember what it was like to have the carefree creativity of a child. Play with Barbies, play with Legos, play with stuffed animals. Have fun!

5. Vary the locations where you write.

6. Write in public--write in coffee shops, write in McDonald's, write in public bathrooms.

7. Write in a journal under a blanket in your bedroom by yourself, and pretend you're in middle school.

8. Make playlists for new characters you're trying to develop.

9. Talk to yourself (quietly). Try out different voices for your characters.

10. Join critique groups!!

11. Make as many writer friends as you can!

12. Live by this quote: "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room."

13. Make friends with people much younger than you. Discuss their experiences.

14. Make friends with people much older than you. Learn from their experiences.

15. Eavesdrop at the mall. Eavesdrop on the bus. Eavesdrop the drunken fights outside your apartment window. Study the dialogue patterns.

16. Watch writing vloggers on YouTube.

17. Read tons of books.

18. Write tons of reviews for books that you enjoyed!

19. Write a daily blog post to practice the skill of putting words together every day, even when you don't have an article or book to be working on.

20. When you have a weird dream, don't forget it. Remember as many parts as you can, and use it for inspiration.

21. Use Google Calendar or a planner. Block writing time into every day.

22. Tweet about your writing! Use the #amwriting hashtag & find others who enjoy writing. Make new friends!

23. Draw your characters. Pretend you're living in the future when your book is famous, and you're not the author--you're a reader drawing fan-art. It'll motivate you.

24. Set tangible goals for yourself. Give yourself deadlines. Constantly re-write and re-evaluate your goals. But stick to your goals nonetheless!

25. When all else fails, just make more coffee.

What have your experiences been with these things? Any advice you'd like to add? Go ahead & leave a comment!

Happy Savy's-birthday-eve!



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