25 Goals for When I'm 25

It's my birthday week!

This picture is from my 17th birthday.
How was that 8 years ago already?!?!
On Friday, September 8, I will be 25! (And Star Trek will be 51! We share a birthday.)

During my last few days of being 24 (and my first day of being 25), I'll be posting a bunch of 25-themed lists. The first one comes today: 25 Goals for When I'm 25!

I'm a really goal-oriented person. When I come up with goals and set deadlines for myself, I'm always amazed at how much I can get done! So, here are my 25 goals for when I'm 25!

1. Improve my art!

2. Expand the YouTube channel; by this time next year, I'd like to hit 1,000 subscribers!

3. Release the 3rd book in the Furever Home Friends series!

4. Increase Furever Home Friends sales; by this time next year, I'd like to have sold 5,000 total copies!

5. Make new friends in grad school!

6. Have at least 10 book signings!

7. Do at least 5 school visits!

8. Complete half of my Master's degree!

9. Get married! (Thankfully, I already have a wedding planned...and a guy picked out...otherwise this goal would be really unrealistic, haha!)

10. Set aside time every day to just focus on playing with Chewie!

11. Progress on Chewie's training; by this time next year, I'd like to have Chewie ready to meet Wrigley, my parents' rambunctious puppy, without any anxiety issues!

12. Review at least 50 indie books on this blog!

13. Increase this blog's audience; by this time next year, I'd like to have 500 subscribers!

14. Write and release a short e-book about writing tips; I'd like to give this out for free to all my blog's subscribers!

15. Help my middle-school students have a successful year in debate! I guess this is a few goals, including:

16. Getting my 7th-8th graders to a place where they can win Varsity-level tournaments, and,

17. Getting my new 6th-grade students versed in debate, so they're ready to win Novice tournaments!

18. I'd also like to do some work to recruit more girls onto our team, since the team last year was mostly boys. It would be nice to have more of a balance!

19. Help my editing clients get their next book(s) published!

20. Learn some relaxation techniques. With everything that is happening this year, I'd like to get better at managing stress, so that stress becomes a motivator rather than an obstacle.

21. Learn to meditate.

22. Release my new young-adult novel, One Final Vinyl! (Release date will be announced soon!)

23. Eat healthier! I'm not going to lie to myself; I know I'll still eat donuts multiple times a week, and you can pry tortilla chips from my cold, dead hands. But I'd like to also add more soy and plant-based protein to my diet, to make up for everything I lack from not eating meat.

24. Get a haircut at some point.

25. Write a new blog post (almost) every day!

Will I complete all of these? We'll have to check back in about a year to find out!

What are your goals this year?

Happy Wednesday!



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