One Week Countdown!

Today is Friday, August 4th. That means that The Furever Home Friends will be releasing in one week!

Hooray! Dogs everywhere are super excited!

In one week, the first two Furever Home Friends books will be available to buy in paperback on Amazon. Hardcover books will be shipping out to our Kickstarter backers in a few weeks as well. Then, a week later, we'll have our launch party and first signing at Open Books!

We've been scheduling more and more book signings, author panels, and discussions, so once it gets closer to those events, I'll make sure to let everyone know the details on those things!

This week, as a way to celebrate the countdown to the book release, I will be featuring a Dog of the Day each day on this blog!

Each Dog of the Day will be a shelter dog! Some of them are looking for a home, and some have already found a home! But I'm super excited to tell some dogs' stories, so we can all celebrate this book release together!

Tomorrow will be our first Dog of the Day! Get excited! :)

ALSO, I have a really cool pupdate for everyone! Today, we received the hardcover proofs of the books! I made an unboxing video, so that all of you can see me unwrap them from the shipping packages, and you can take a first look at the new books on YouTube here or on my Vlog page!

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Friday, everyone!



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