Dog of the Day: Murphy

There is just ONE day left until the Furever Home Friends books come out! You heard that right: these books will be available to buy tomorrow! In honor of that, we have a special post today.

Murphy's adorable face!
In this post, I'm going to feature four dogs from ALIVE Rescue in Chicago, who is the first Furever Home Friends beneficiary, meaning that when you buy one of our books, 10% of all profits will directly benefit them. They're also the shelter where Chewie came from!

The main dog I will be featuring as today's Dog of the Day is Murphy, who was recently taken in by ALIVE Rescue. Murphy needs our help right now, so I want to make sure tons of people see this post!

Right now, Murphy is in the emergency room. Murphy is in critical condition, as he's currently suffering with pneumonia in both lungs. Right now, he's on oxygen, fluids, IV antibiotics, and nebulizer treatments.

Murphy's medical bills are adding up, and ALIVE has set up a YouCaring page so that people can donate to help offset these costs. If you are in a financial position to help out, and you'd like to donate to this fund, please see the link to his page here! Murphy and his friends at the rescue would really appreciate it!

He's a very sweet boy. Check out this video of him!

ALIVE also has a lot of dogs who are available for adoption and currently looking for their forever homes!

These dogs include (but are not limited to!):


Iggy has been living with the rescue for over a year and a half. She's a very sweet girl (I've met her, and I guarantee it). She's a small 26-pound hound mix and a super cutie! Iggy can't live in a house with any other pets or any kids. She's part of ALIVE's Introvert for Life program, which means her adoption fee is sponsored, and her new forever family also gets a free one-on-one training session!

Due to some difficult experiences in her early life, Iggy takes a long time to become comfortable with new people. Over a year ago, she gave birth to six puppies, who all sadly died right after birth. She can easily get scared, but once she gets used to you, she'll be the sweetest, most affectionate cuddler! Iggy is also the champion of fitting tons of plush toys in her mouth.


At nearly 13 years old, Lily is a sweet senior citizen looking for a forever family. Since she's older, Lily is very chill, and would love a family to spend time with and give tons of kisses! Also due to her age, it would be best for her to live in a house with no stairs. Just look at this cutie!


Fido is an adorable two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. Like Iggy, he takes a little time to become comfortable with new people, so a family who is patient and understanding would be best for him. But once you and Fido take some time to get to know each other, he'll turn into a little snuggle bear! Again--LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!

If you're interested in any of these dogs, please visit ALIVE Rescue's website, and fill out an adoption application! From personal experience adopting Chewie, I can promise you that they're a wonderful shelter, full of hardworking, passionate people with a genuine love for animals.

Also, get ready for the Furever Home Friends release tomorrow!! I am so excited; after over two years of hard work, this project is finally ready to show the world! I can't wait to share the stories of more and more dogs, and use the power of storytelling to help animals everywhere!

Happy Thursday!



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