Furever Home Friends Update

So many great things are happening in the world of the Furever Home Friends, as we approach our August 11 release date!

Art by Christy Schneyman
First, we have a new website design! Check out the new fureverhomefriends.com!

Second, we are in the process of planning our book launch party! More details on that will follow as we have them, but it's looking like it's going to be August 19. (In Chicago.)

We're currently working on book publishing and distribution. The illustration process is almost complete. We've gotten most of the art from our illustrators, and will likely have all the art ready to go by this weekend! Then, it's all about formatting the books and getting them into stores!

Once we know where the books will be sold, I'll be sure to update everyone on that, too! Currently we're busy compiling a list of bookstores, pet supply stores, boutiques, etc. where we'd like these books to be sold. They'll also be online, of course!

Plus, if you backed our Kickstarter, you can look forward to getting your stuff in the mail in just about a month!

Anyway, I'm super excited for all the progress we're making. Right now we're also working out our process for donating profit portions back to animal shelters. We're gonna help dogs in need, y'all!

More specifics will come in due time.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!



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