COVER REVEAL: The Furever Home Friends

Hello, friends!

Today is exciting, because it's the day we reveal the covers for the first two Furever Home Friends books!

First up, here is the cover for Princess Allee!

While living at the shelter, Allee, a black lab puppy, dreams of being a princess. When a stylish young woman comes to adopt her, Allee thinks her dream is about to come true!

But Allee soon learns that her new suburban life doesn't include castles or crowns. It includes two dog brothers that she has to learn to get along with!

Can Allee learn to feel like royalty even when living the average life?

Just look at that cute little face Allee has! The art for this cover was drawn by Brenda Clemente. Paw print design in the background drawn by Christy Schneyman.

Next, here is the cover for Smile, Chewie!

Despite Chewie's friendly personality, he's too shy to let the shelter volunteers take his picture!

See, Chewie is stuck with scars on his face after the abuse he suffered as a puppy, from a man who was prejudiced against pit bulls.

Can Chewie find the confidence to stand up to these awful pit bull stereotypes, and smile for the camera?

We have kept the paw print motif for each cover! The art on this cover was drawn by Christy Schneyman.

Both books will be available for sale on Amazon starting on August 11!

If you're in Chicago, be sure to come to our launch party at Open Books on Saturday, August 19!

For more info on the Furever Home Friends, check out our website here!
For more frequent pupdates, follow us on Facebook here!

Happy Friday!



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