5 Places to Find Inspiration

We all know that you can't wait for inspiration to hit, or else you'll never get anything done! So, what do you do when there's no inspiration around you to be found?

You go out and look for it!

Here are my recommendations for places your inspiration might be hiding.

#1: In the Bathroom

Me in college, with a bad haircut,
hanging out in the bathroom.
Back when I was a 2quirky4u teenager, I loved writing in public bathrooms. I don't know what it is--but sometimes being in a place where all types of people congregate just gets the ideas flowing.

And don't worry about sanitation issues--you can use your own bathroom at home, too! Just think about it: how often do you get your best ideas in the shower? I'm telling you--it's the bathroom environment!

#2: Outside

When I talked about taking excursions rather than breaks in this post, I meant that what can be sort of a "break"--taking a nice walk with your dog, for example--can often be productive. When you're outside in the open air, letting your thoughts run freely, often the best ideas will hit you.

#3: At McDonald's

That's where I'm writing this post right now! Where else can you get two big cookies and a giant coffee all for well under $3? Also, this is the 3rd post where I've mentioned how much I go to McDonald's even though I'm a vegetarian. Hey, McDonald's! If you're reading this, please sponsor my blog!

#4: In Clothing Stores

As I mentioned in this post, pre-writing for me is all about determining the overall aesthetic of my story and characters. Often, a story's aesthetic can be hard to define or pin down exactly, but if it's consistent and well developed, it can do wonders for immersing your readers into your world.

I never really buy anything from clothing stores. (I have no money, and I still fit into a lot of my clothes from middle school.) But they're a great place to observe different aesthetics. Different departments at Target also work for this.

#5: At the Bookstore

This one should be the most obvious. But it's so helpful! Seeing new cover designs gets me imagining what the covers will look like on my future books. Looking at the Bestseller and New Release sections helps me set goals.

And books smell good! Good smells can get you thinking! That's what we call olfactory stimulation. (Though I guess you could also get that from the public bathroom.)

I hope these tips help you find inspiration! I promise it won't hide from you forever!

Happy writing!



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