Time to Get Vlogging!

So, there's a fun new project I've been working on, which will officially launch in mid-July: a vlog!

I've been meaning to create a YouTube show or channel for quite some time. I watch more shows on YouTube than on Netflix or actual TV. YouTube seems to be the most populated out of all the content-creation-based social networking sites. Plus, I love to talk!

In my late teens and early twenties, I was constantly making short movies and videos. I even made a feature film once in college. Now that I've devoted all my time to writing, I haven't had as much time to pursue filmmaking. So, now I'm really, really excited to get back into that!

I'm going to continue updating this blog almost every day, as I do now, while the vlog will release new content about three times a week.

So, about the vlog!

Cice, Meghan, and I are starting a YouTube channel together called Young Urban Productions. We're all young urban professionals in Chicago, who have found ways to mix creativity with career, and we're going to be making tons of videos about that! Our videos are going to be about books, TV, fashion, the job search, career advice, and general shenanigans.

My show in particular will be about writing--writing advice, indie book reviews, and just some funny videos and discussion! I describe my show as, "Writing advice mixed with self-deprecating humor."

I'll be giving out more information about our YouTube channel in the weeks leading up to its launch. So, stay tuned for more information! We're currently in pre-production and will be filming throughout the next few weeks. Right now, our plan is to release our first videos in the third week of July, and release new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

In finding inspiration for this new project, I looked to a quote from one of my favorite authors, John Green: "Surround yourself with people you like and make cool stuff with them." As I've written about many times, being a writer as an extrovert can be hard. For me, all the best parts come with collaborating with people I care about, and making cool things together. 

Recently, Tyler and I were watching one of our favorite YouTube channels, Red Letter Media, together. I was watching the guys onscreen joke around as they made fun of some bad movie or other, and I just said, "Those guys are living the dream. Getting to devote all their time to just making stuff with their friends."

And Tyler said, "You should just do that, too."

So I'm gonna do that! (With the exception of, I'll still be going to work and all that. Chewie's still gotta eat.)

I'm really excited to begin this next step!

Happy Thursday!



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