Pride Month #2: The Parade!

Today's post is going to be a shorter one, as I prepare for some longer stuff (including lots of book reviews & Furever Home Friends updates) in the upcoming weeks.

So, yesterday was the Pride Parade! Maybe I'm just becoming more observant as time goes on, but it seems to span more and more of Chicago every year. This year, the action started not that far away from my apartment in Uptown, which was great, because it meant I got to bring Chewie!

Chewie looked so cute in his rainbow collar! (Which was really a headband Aimee got somewhere, that coincidentally fit over his collar perfectly.) I had also ordered Chewie a rainbow bandanna online, but it didn't arrive in time. Oh well. He'll have to wear that next year. I'll have to post some photos of Chewie in a bandanna at some point, in case you haven't seen any. Chewie looks ADORABLE in bandannas.

Also, Aimee and I got rainbow donuts. I took a picture of us with the rainbow donuts, but instead I'm posting a picture of us from Pride 2014, because we looked so much better in that picture. I was in way, WAY better shape, and Aimee had a cool Orange is the New Black T-shirt.

This year, I had a cool T-shirt, but no good pictures of me. My shirt has Bert & Ernie dressed up as Kirk & Spock. I got it from TeePublic, which I highly recommend to anyone taking my advice to support more independent artists! TeePublic is one of those sites where artists upload their original work to sell, but the prices are a lot more reasonable than most similar sites, especially when they're having a sale.

Anyway, it was a great time and Chicago's a great city!

Later this week I'll have some more substantive posts! But this one has Chewie, so I don't feel bad about how short it is.

Happy Monday!



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