Play With Toys!

Yesterday I posted about what I learned from teaching writing to kids--about how difficult it can sometimes be to get out of our own heads, and return to the carefree imagination we had as children.

Today, I'm going to share my biggest piece of advice for letting your imagination run wild again: play with toys.
One of the first things I did when testing out my new
camera was take photos of Barbie in a Cheez-It box.

I regularly play with toys. In fact, I buy toys on Amazon and at Target all the time, just to play with them. Sometimes I collect them and display them on my shelves as a decoration. But I also play with them. And there's no reason that, as adults, we shouldn't be allowed to play with toys. I don't actually get why we stop playing with toys once we reach a certain age. It's fun.

I play with Legos. I play with Barbies. If you've read this post, you know I love taking weird photography of knock-off American Girl dolls. Sometimes, I'll sit at my desk with a poseable figure, bending their arms and legs as I think of new ideas.

Playing with toys awakens the imagination in so many ways. For example, a lot of us think better along with tactile stimulation--just look at the recent popularity of fidget cubes. Something about holding a toy in your hand and playing with it helps the ideas flow easier. 

Toys also have a great nostalgic quality. If you revisit the toys you enjoyed as a kid, chances are, you'll get that same rush of excitement you did when you first experienced it as a child--especially if it's a toy you haven't seen in a while. That feeling of excitement brings us back to that childhood state of imagination. When you're playing with toys and letting your imagination run wild again, the ideas will start coming. At least, that's been my experience.

And if it doesn't work to help you write, you can still play with toys because, at the very least, it's FUN! When we're constantly working, struggling to pay the bills, stressing out about deadlines and's fun to remember that toys are still there. And they'll always be fun.

Happy Saturday! Build something with Legos for me today! :)



  1. I totally agree! Love the creativity and freedom I get from creating for and playing with my dolls.

    1. Yes! I'm glad other people find this useful too! Just the other day I decided that Samantha the American Girl doll is going to wear a Chewbacca costume from now on. That's the most fun part--nothing you do has to make sense. It's a nice change of pace from writing things for assignments, or for work, or just trying to craft the "perfect" story.

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