JuNoWriMo Progress: the Halfway Point!

Hello, friends!

Today's post is just a quick update on JuNoWriMo! Tomorrow, and this weekend, I'm planning a bunch of great posts on writing advice that I can't wait to share with you all, so keep an eye out for that!

Today is June 15th; it's two weeks since I started writing a novel in a month for JuNoWriMo, and it's just about half over. Which means I should be halfway through my novel...and I'm excited to announce, I'm almost there!

My goal is to write 50,000 words, which (based on how I tend to format my books), should come out to around a 250-page novel. I've decided that I'm definitely going to publish this book independently, because the story is so weird that I'm not sure regular publishers are going to want to touch it. But it's very modern, very feminist, very gay, and a little sci-fi. I'll be sharing more info on the book with you guys as I get closer to finishing it!

When I started JuNoWriMo, I was way ahead of the game, writing over 5,000 words on the first day, even though my goal was 1,600. It's good I got a head start, though, because as article deadlines started piling up, and teaching got more stressful with the school year coming to an end, and my Internet kept breaking, it got much harder to keep up that kind of pace! I'm sitting at around 24,000 words right now, with my goal to reach 25,000 before I go to sleep tonight!

I've also been carrying my notebook around with me, so that when I stop at Dunkin Donuts or McDonald's for some donuts or salad (respectively), or coffee (both), I can plot out some chapters I'm getting stuck on. I now have a rough outline of how the rest of the book is going to go, so these next two weeks should feel a lot easier!

I'm really excited to watch this story grow, to watch new subplots develop, and to discover the characters more as I continue to write about them. I'm also really excited to be writing from alternating first-person POV...it's been a long time since I've felt confident enough to do that, and so far, it's working really well with this story!

Happy Thursday!



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