JuNoWriMo Kickoff!

Happy June!

I’m super excited, because today JuNoWriMo kicks off! If you read my previous post on JuNoWriMo, you know that I’ll be attempting to write a full first draft of my new novel over the month of June!

I’m super excited, and a little nervous at the same time. I have a decent amount of this story outlined already. I’ve written extensive character bios, and made Pinterest boards to capture each character’s aesthetic. I’ve done plot breakdowns, outlines, freewrites, and writing sprints. Still, there are so many parts of this story that I’m unsure of. And I know that often, I don’t know how everything will come together until I’ve started writing. So, to some extent, I’m still going to find out where this goes!

My goal right now is to write over 2,000 words a day. That should be feasible, as long as I don’t let myself fall behind. So, hold me accountable!

I’m going to try to post weekly updates on JuNoWriMo progress on this blog. You can also follow my JuNoWriMo journey on Twitter! I’ll be posting with #JuNoWriMo. My Twitter handle is @SavyLeiser. I’d love to see what all of you are writing, as well!

Happy writing!



P.S. Update: As of 4:30 PM on June 1, I've written the first 4,000 words (3 chapters) of the novel...so I'm on a good track! :)


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