Chewie's Guest Post: WIZZR

Hello! This is Chewie! Woof!

As you probably know, my mom, Savy, is busy doing JuNoWriMo right now, so she doesn't have a lot of time to be writing blog posts. So, she's decided to let me write a guest post today. Which is super great, because I have an idea that I would love to share with the Internet right now.

Humans: as you probably know, it's 2017. Everyone has a cell phone. That should include your dog. If you haven't bought your dog a cell phone, you need to get with the times! What do you expect your dog to do all day while you're at work? Just sit by the door waiting for you to come home? How narcissistic of you.

You might know that my mom has been kind enough to make me my own Facebook and Instagram accounts. These are great, because they let me stay in touch with both my human and my dog friends. But, one thing I have noticed, is that these apps have been designed by humans, FOR humans. I love posing for my Instagram, but I have trouble taking selfies, since my arms just don't bend that way! Isn't it time we had an app that was designed for DOGS, with dogs' needs in mind?

That's why I've created WIZZR!
WIZZR is the first app created by a dog, for dogs!
Dogs: how many times have you been outside on a walk, and your human tells you that you only have 10 minutes to do your business because they have to go somewhere stupid, like to work? So you need to make sure you pee the most efficient way possible.

But how do you know which trees other dogs have already peed on? How do you know which trees are most important for you to pee on top of and claim as your own?

That's where WIZZR comes in! With WIZZR, you can see where other dogs have checked in. That way, you can prioritize those places, so that you can get your pee on top of their pee, and claim that tree for yourself!

Plus, you can check in everywhere you've just peed, so that other dogs can know what you've claimed for yourself! Of course, this will lead to you and your fellow dogs arguing over who gets to claim what locations. But what's the point of social media if you can't argue on it?

WIZZR is still in the development stage, partially because I'm struggling to learn to code. Every time I ask my dad to teach me, he just says, "Chewie, stop barking," and throws me a tennis ball. And every time I ask my mom to teach me graphic design, she just says, "Aw, who's a good boy?" and gives me a treat. (Mom and Dad: I'm not complaining about any of this. Keep those tennis balls and treats coming, please. But I do need to set aside some time for my education.)

Anyway, that's WIZZR! I hope with hard work and dedication, I can get this app out into the world and on the phones of every dog in America.

Happy Saturday! Love and kisses for you all!

(But seriously, get your dogs a cell phone!)

~ Chewie


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