Drawing Sprints

I got this new book at Michael's!

I've spent too long not making art. Back in college, I used to post new Physics Cat comics every week. Back in high school, I used to make oil paintings and watercolors. Though I've been spending more and more time writing, and hiring other people to illustrate, something inside me is telling me I NEED to start drawing again.

I attribute it partially to the amazing artists I saw at C2E2's Artist Alley a couple weeks ago, partially to the amazing art I see people posting for free every day since I joined Tumblr, and partially to my most recent trip to Michael's, where the art supplies excited me in a way I hadn't been in a while. That, and after I left Michael's with my new frames, I hung up all my old art, and realized I needed to make new stuff.

Also, I know I'm gonna want to start making Star Trek fan art soon, but when I tried to draw Spock the other day, his face looked like a squished potato.

My drawing skills are not up to snuff right now. I look at the stuff I made in high school and college and wonder how I ever had the patience to do that.

So, it's time for daily drawing sprints!

I'll post the weird little doodles I make in this book over the next year. Hope my skills improve!



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