Book Review: The Long Climb Back

The Long Climb Back
By Jill Hicks

This was one of the first indie books I read when I decided to start reading almost exclusively indie books in 2015!

I read this book on a long plane ride. I thought it would be fitting since the book seemed to be about travel and characters going on their own personal journeys.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! The author does a great job of keeping different characters’ voices distinct and consistent, even with alternating first-person points of view, which is a very difficult feat. I especially thought Angie and Jarvis were very well developed, and I loved reading their first-person accounts of the situations.

I also love how Angie grew as a character throughout the story, and the conclusions she came to about herself in the end (I won’t spoil it for others, though). I was satisfied that the story wasn’t just about romance or travel, but really about a personal journey of self-discovery and improvement.


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