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Who Wants a FREE BOOK?

This blog has been around for over a year now! I have my amazing readers to thank for encouraging me to keep writing! A few months ago, I added a "Subscribe" option on this blog. Subscribers would be added to my mailing list, where you'd get updates on my writing, alerts on new products and blog posts, and pupdates on the Furever Home Friends.
Well, I remember promising that I'd give out a free ebook once I got to over 50 people on my mailing list. I have well surpassed that at this point, and I have all of you wonderful readers to thank for that! In its first year, this blog got over 20,000 views! That is so amazing, and I'm so happy to have you guys as an audience for my writing.
That said, let's move onto the FREE BOOK!

As a thank-you for being a loyal reader of this blog, all of my subscribers will be getting a free copy of The Portable Writer's Confidante. This is half self-help book, half writer's workbook! Since this blog covers lots of writing ti…

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