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Seven Jobs + Grad School: How I Managed My Time this Fall

Happy December, everyone!

You may have noticed a shortage of blog posts these past few months...and for that, I sincerely apologize! I could make a million excuses about how busy I was...but that would be of no use to you. So instead, I'm going to turn this into a post about time management tips. 

You may remember my Time Management Tips for Writers post from a few months back. In that post, I discussed how writers often have to balance multiple jobs, plus their writing, in order to make ends meet. However, I didn't truly know how difficult that could be until this past fall. With some new experience behind me, I think it's time for a new post, with some updated tips!

So, this past fall (which I'm defining here as early September through late November), here's what I was doing:

Working as a creative-writing teacher at Open BooksWriting articles for Halftime Magazine and Yamaha SupportEDCoaching the middle-school debate team at Sacred Heart -- which included the formati…

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